The Internal Consultant

Some specific roles require more specific competencies.

The internal consultant is becoming increasingly important in delivering change within organisations and they are often seen as a cost effective means of consultancy. However, internal perceptions of the level of expertise and personal credibility are often seen as barriers to delivering outcomes. Managing initial impressions, reputation, results and success stories are all important to developing relationships with internal clients.

The internal consult usually works in partnership with businesses or departments to improve effectiveness; specifically, assessing exact needs, developing and implementing strategic planned change efforts to link goals, skills and processes to the overall mission, vision and strategy.

The competencies assessed

The world of work has changed. There are many competency frameworks which have been developed over the years.

The Progress International Competency Framework has been developed from our years of experience in designing and working with competencies – and knowing what works and shaping what doesn’t.

Relationship Focus

Maintains a broad network of relationships within the organisation and is well regarded by others as a trusted and credible expert. Is able to develop a rapport with client while keeping the discussions focused on the clients needs and requirements.

Consultancy Focus

Uses a recognisable, clearly defined and structured consultancy process to deliver results for internal clients. Expertise is sought by internal customers to advise on issues impacting own sector. Is able to provide the client with a realistic assessment of what can be achieved. Takes a whole organisation view of the opportunity/problem and the options to deal with it.

In addition to the 2 specialist competencies above, 10 further competencies from the Progress International Competence Framework, complete this assessment.

They are:

★ People focus
★ Resource focus

★ Results focus
★ Person management focus
★ Professional development focus

★ Creativity focus
★ Communication Focus
★ Innovation & Change focus

★ Analytical Thinking Focus
★ Planning & decision making focus

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