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Embarking on the journey of 360-degree feedback has never been more seamless and efficient. With 360 Instant, you can initiate the review process almost instantly, gaining immediate access to our validated competency framework and robust online survey tools.

Our 360 Instant questionnaires are built on a comprehensive framework that encompasses 12 themes across 5 levels. For each job role level, there are 6 behavioural statements within each of the 12 themes, ensuring a thorough and nuanced assessment. This allows for a detailed understanding of an individual’s strengths and development areas, as well as providing insights into potential blind spots.

Asking the right questions

To ensure your people receive evaluations that resonate with their specific roles, we’ve developed five distinct questionnaires. Each questionnaire is meticulously designed with statements that accurately represent the respective job levels, from Team Member through to Executive Leader. This level of detail ensures that the feedback received is relevant and actionable, leading to more meaningful development plans.

Streamlined process for reviewers

360 Instant simplifies the feedback process for everyone involved. Reviewers can easily access and complete their questionnaires online, with clear instructions and guidance throughout. They can also provide anonymous comments, allowing for honest and constructive feedback without any fear of repercussions. This streamlined process makes it easier for reviewers to provide comprehensive and thoughtful feedback, ultimately leading to more accurate evaluations.

We have reviews for:

Team Member

First Line Manager

Middle Manager

Senior Manager

Executive Leader

As well as more specific questionnaires:

Project Manager

Change Manager

Internal Consultant

Following the Comprehensive 360-Degree Evaluation

Recipients of the evaluation receive a detailed report that accentuates their strengths and identifies areas for development, laying the groundwork for a personalised development strategy. This strategy is meticulously crafted for the individual, incorporating a variety of developmental activities tailored to their unique needs.

The report also brings to light what is termed as ‘good news’—instances where others perceive one’s strengths to be significantly greater than the individual’s own self-assessment—and ‘hidden talents’, which are the individual’s strengths that have yet to be recognised by the broader team.

To deepen the insights, there is the option to explore more extensive reports that provide an analysis across the organisation or within specific teams. Furthermore, we invite the opportunity to collaborate closely with you, leveraging a spectrum of developmental techniques to enhance your capabilities in targeted areas.

What you get in summary

  • Quick roll-out of a 360 degree review process – up and running almost immediately
  • Fully managed service – we will set up each review and manage the process through to completion for you
  • No up-front investment – simply pay as used
  • Relevance – online questionnaire based on one of the most up-to-date competency frameworks for organisations today
  • Hassle-free reviews – get started quickly using an intuitive online system and let us sort out the IT
  • Job level differentiation – choose from five levels of job role to ensure competency relevance
  • Keeping you in the picture – throughout the process, the online system advises the reviewee how to manage their invitations and you get to choose who can access the results
  • Development focused report – the person being reviewed receives a report highlighting areas of strength and those needing development

Getting started with 360 Instant couldn't be easier.

With your credit card to hand click on the Get Started button, you can be up and running very quickly - and don't forget to add professional feedback!

Our portfolio of 360 Instant Questionnaires offer a valuable method for developing team members / managers / leaders through a variety of different lenses. When done well, it not only enhances individual growth but also fosters an open culture where feedback is used constructively to empower individuals and drive organisational success.

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