About Us

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Our mission goes beyond offering exceptional 360-degree feedback services

At Progress International, we stand out not just in what we do, but how we do it. Driven by over 600 years of collective experience in learning and development, our team of 47 professionals is committed to elevating your organisation’s performance through insightful and action-driven feedback. Since our inception in the 1990s, our passion has been to develop the capabilities of our clients’ people in alignment with their business strategies. We thrive on making a measurable difference, and our dedication to your success is as strong today as it was when we first began.

Our Mission

Empowering through insight – that’s the guiding principle behind every service we provide. Our mission goes beyond offering exceptional 360-degree feedback services; it’s about transforming your team’s development and enhancing your organisation’s overall performance.

Our Difference

Unlike many providers focusing solely on their IT solutions, Progress International prioritises the value of the information we gather. We understand that our clients need more than just data; they need insights, guidance, and actionable steps that lead to real growth.

What sets us apart?

Our fully managed 360-degree feedback service removes the weight from your shoulders. We manage everything from the initial setup to monitoring progress and supporting reviewers throughout the process. Upon completion, we deliver comprehensive reports and, if required, offer feedback coaching ourselves. We are your partners in feedback culture, facilitating the development and coaching actions necessary to understand and promote your talent.

How we work

Our clients choose us because they share our vision for potential: they aim to get the best from their people and recognise the power of detailed, behavioural insights to foster improvement. From psychometric assessments to embedding a robust feedback culture, we are meticulous in tailoring our services to your needs.

Partnership and Expertise

We forge partnerships, assisting you through every phase of your feedback and development initiatives. Sharing our knowledge is just one way we empower your team to grow professionally, delivering insights that catalyse individual and organisational progress.

Our commitment to you

Quality, ethics and good coaching practice.

The robust, secure, and customisable online system powering our questionnaires is at the core of our offering. It ensures data protection and offers a friendly user experience. Our commitment extends to best practices in coaching, with each team member being a qualified, seasoned coach aligned with our standards of excellence.

In partnering with Progress International, you secure more than just a service provider; you gain an ally in professional development, a catalyst in performance refinement, and a shield conferring privacy and security over your data.

Empower your organisation with insight. Empower your future with Progress International.