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360 Unique - Bespoke Reviews Aligned with Your Ambitions

360 Unique – At the heart of organisational development, crafting a competency framework tailored to your unique needs sets the foundation for excellence. Whether you’re at the initial stage of exploring the development of a competency framework for your organisation, or ready to enhance an existing one through the implementation of a comprehensive 360 degree review process, 360 Unique is your go to solution.

Perhaps you’ve noted the benefits of a generic framework and are now keen to refine this with competencies that mirror the specific requirements of your business. Recognising the distinctiveness of your enterprise, you seek a customised solution that captures its essence in every aspect.

Our Dedicated Approach

Our team engages closely with your organisation to meticulously identify, define, and craft a bespoke competency framework. This framework is not just another document; it’s a reflection of your organisation’s core values, behaviours, and aspirations.

Leveraging this tailored framework, we design a personalised, branded 360 degree review process that integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s operations. This process is not only about evaluating performance but also about offering flexibility in reviewer selection, scheduling, review methods, communication customisation, access control, and effective monitoring of the initiative’s progress.

Managing The Process For You

Upon establishing the review process, we oversee each review, managing the entire process from launch to the generation of reports. Whether you choose to have our reports reviewed by your internal feedback coach or prefer the insights of one of our seasoned coaches, our fully managed service ensures minimal impact on your team’s time.

Our sophisticated reporting capabilities allow us to dissect and present the data in multifaceted ways, ensuring that the insights cater to diverse audiences with varying presentation requirements.

Our commitment is to offer one of the most advanced online 360 systems, guaranteeing that your customised reviews are executed with precision and deliver impactful results.

What you get in summary

  • Organisationally relevant competency framework – for use throughout your selection, development and succession planning activities
  • Roll-out of a 360 degree review process as you wish – a process developed just for you
  • Relevance – online questionnaire based on one of the most up-to-date competency frameworks for organisations today
  • Fully managed service – we do the work, while you continue with other business critical projects
  • Keeping you in the picture – throughout the process, the online system advises the reviewee how to manage their invitations and you get to choose who can access the results
  • Development focused report – the person being reviewed receives a report highlighting areas of strength and those needing development

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360 degree feedback offers a valuable method for developing employees through a variety of different lenses. When done well, it not only enhances individual growth but also fosters an open culture where feedback is used constructively to empower individuals and drive organisational success.

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