Frequently Asked Questions

360-degree reviews are based on competency frameworks. What is a competency framework?

A competency framework is a structure that sets out and defines each individual competency (such as problem-solving or people management) required by individuals working in an organisation or part of an organisation. Each competency defines the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for people within an organisation.

Tell me about the Progress International Competency Framework

Developed by assessment and development professionals with years of experience at designing workable competency frameworks for organisations across various sectors and industries, our competency framework is arranged into 12 core competencies. Each competency has four separate statements to illustrate how each of four different levels of job would display the competency.

It is one of the most up-to-date frameworks around reflecting the shifts in the behaviours and skills needed in the workplace. We look to confirm its relevance constantly and improve it where needed.

How relevant are the competencies assessed in the 360-degree feedback questionnaire to my job role and organisation?

The Progress International Competency Framework has been developed by experienced coaches and practitioners who work with organisations across all sectors and organisational cultures. They have created a framework of what we believe are the most important and relevant competencies in the workplace today and going forward – and these are different to the competencies of yesteryear. These are assessed in the 360 Instant questionnaire.

If you want to select specific competencies which you believe are the most important for you, then choose our 360 Options feedback questionnaire.

If you want to create a questionnaire specific for your organisations, call us and we can create a competency framework for your organisation and the subsequent 360 feedback process.

What are the National Occupational Standards?

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of the standards of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding. They describe what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or function and sit alongside competencies.

How secure is my information?

Our 360-degree questionnaire system makes use of a powerful and easy to use online system. Security is dealt with by 128-bit SSL encryption included as standard.

We anonymise the data that is stored on the server so that, at a later stage we are able to update our benchmarks without reference to any person.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).